Lawyer Lars Olofsson

How do I, as a client, pay for the service of representing me, and is it only a percentage of my refunded lost investment it costs me?

Once I have managed to make a Settlement on damages, or a judgment in court, my compensation is deducted from the amount paid to my clients. To cover some overall expenses, my clients need to pay an administration fee of 150€ when signing a contract with me.

How long can it take from me as a client agreeing that Lars Olofsson will represent me to receiving damages, and my lost investment back?

There are several different factors that affect time. In some cases, I have managed to get a result within a month or so and in some cases, it can take a few years. It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that not too much time passes. It is always my ambition to make an out-of-court settlement, which shortens the time considerably.

Am I guaranteed to get my lost investment back as a client?

It would be frivolous to give a 100% guarantee. I don’t take on any assignment unless I know that I have a very good chance of success, and since I don’t get paid if my clients don’t get their lost investments back, it’s too much of a risk for me to put in hundreds of hours of work without ultimately getting paid. Against this background, my clients are in the best position to really get their lost investments back.

Is it only the lost investment that I as a client can get back?

No, I also claim compensation from my counterparties that they compensate my clients for the fact that they have been a victim of crime, and that the person I claim responsibility also compensates the client for my counterpart’s cooperation with criminals – it should cost not to check carefully enough who you have chosen to cooperate with.

How are payments made when compensation is to be paid to my clients?

Usually, the person who has to pay damages deposits the money in an escrow account in a bank. My clients provide the bank with information about the account to which the money is to be paid out. I submit to the bank a list of my clients’ names and how much each of them should be paid. It is then the bank that administers all payments, and guarantees that these are paid out, and in this way my clients are protected that payments are made and done correctly.

In what way do I, as a client, get information about what is happening, and what arrangements are being made?

We have a well-developed system of information for all our clients. On the one hand, you as a client are invited to an exclusive Telegram Group where you both receive ongoing information and can correspond with other clients. You will also receive a weekly News Letter from Lars in which Lars tells you what has happened in the past week, and what is planned in the near future. If something special happens, you will also receive a special News Letter and it will also be published in the Telegram group. You can also send Lars questions that he answers via email.

How can the legal processes be coordinated between the different scams that Lars works with?

Through the legal strategy that we have developed, where we hold the so- called Facilators accountable, we can coordinate our legal processes so that we can demand both responsibility and compensation from those we direct responsibility against for several different scams. One example is that most scams have been marketed through social media, and then we can claim liability against these platforms regardless of which scam we represent, and several at the same time.

Can I report to you that I have been deceived by a scam other than the ones you present on this website?

Yes, we would like to receive reports of more scams that victims of crime have fallen for. Then we can add these to the list of scams we work with, and the more clients we represent, the more strength we get behind us in our negotiations, and legal activities.