Testimonial Matthieu Jolly

In September 2021, starting out with good intentions like many others, I learned about this so-called ”opportunity” from a member of my family. You should know that my partner and I were very reluctant at first, knowing that we are lucid and far from naive! There’s no such thing as easy money! We went into the game with a minimum of €1,000 each, which wasn’t much for us, and on the other hand we were committing ourselves to small sums.

The trick was that Omegapro was trying to pull the wool over our eyes to gain our trust. They lulled us into a false sense of security with all those world-renowned personalities, such as footballer Ronaldinho, American actor Steven Seagal, and famous finance broker Jordan Belfort, who despite his misdeeds in finance is now a lecturer, coach and motivator….

These are just some of the names that caught my attention, not to mention speaker Éric Worre. Everything is well orchestrated to make you feel confident. They even get you to travel to the 4 corners of the world and spend crazy amounts of money to attend pseudo conferences celebrating the founders. The small heads of the network travel from France to Martinique to encourage and manipulate you as a group, the excitement is always present, and the speeches are perfectly polished to give you total confidence. In fact, the inauguration of their company OMEGAPRO in Dubai helped me to put my trust in them completely. They played on the bling to lull us to sleep.

Let me explain: organizing a party at the foot of the Khalifa Tower in front of hundreds of thousands of people, with your name emblazoned on the tower, immediately gives you a lot of credibility and power….not everyone can do that… not to mention the fact that everything is posted on social networks like Instagram, so you can experience it live … You’re manipulated! the bigger it is, the more you believe it, even if you have a good head on your shoulders!

I started to really believe it and gain confidence, so I bought more and more packs….for a total of €30,000! …. The manipulation was so well orchestrated that I didn’t see it coming even when the first setbacks appeared and they asked us to move our money to another platform to make it grow, when in reality they were already stealing it from us….

I’ve been duped, manipulated.


Matthieu Jolly

Testimonial Anonymous

Here is my testimony, which is very difficult to write to you because the situation I’ve found myself in has taken such a dramatic in my life. At 61 and my husband at 73, we have been deceived by the use of of very powerful personalities, conveying speeches on Instagram and on Instagram and Facebook, so well organized that we ended up believing we ended up believing all the lies.

To this day, because of this scam, the French bank Boursorama through which I used to send my money and that of my family on the Coinbase exchange, has closed my account even though they are guilty of not having communicated with me. I was their customer and it it was their duty to contact me personally to inform me of this to inform me of this organized scam.

I have more than 70,000 euros stolen from me; I have all the screenshots as proof that I’m sending you in a second e-mail. I believed the lies of millionaires like Eric Wore, whom my husband and I met in Panama. my husband and I met in Panama in June 2022. He was promoting Omega Pro in person, like Aurélie Moron who was the reassuring reassuring image for France. When such people use every possible means to prove that Omega to prove that Omega Pro is a sure bet, even people who have never even people who have never done anything wrong fall into the trap. All this propaganda conveyed on Meta used the power of influential images.

Testimonial Anthony I. Abonyi

My ugly experience with OmegaPro Investment Company since May 2022 till date: Sometime in January 2022, a friend introduced me to OmegaPro Forex Investments. In my usual way, I enquired further into the credibility and authenticity of the Investment to be sure it was not a syndicate scam institution. From the facts, I was able to gather from the leaders based in my country, I was told that OmegPro is formally registered and has fulfilled all the requirements based on international standards to commence operations. They assured me that the investment institution will not disappoint me.

The leaders engaged me further by showing the data of trades that have been made on behalf of the investors since the inception of OmegaPro company in 2018 and the successes that have been achieved. At this point, I had no reason to doubt the Investment, so by May 6th, 2022 I registered and made a starter package payment of $10000 to the OmegaPro Investment account.

I was made to understand that I would make my first cash out on the compound interest of 300% by the fourteenth month after registration. By this arrangement, the full trading circle will be completed in July 2022. Then I will be requested by the Company to apply for the payment of my first interest on my investment.

Things looked very good and exciting until sometime in October 2022 when we received disturbing information from the Management of OmegaPro that the entire system of operations had been compromised by scammers. They said hackers invaded the systems and caused huge loss.

They tried very hard to let us know that the situation was under control and would be resolved in good time. At this time in November 2022, we were informed that it would take up to six months starting from February 2023 to get the system fully functional for the commencement of trading activities.

Between December 2022 and January 2023, some of us were moved to the Broker platform to continue the trading while arrangements were made to pay investors who wished to end their transactions immediately. Up till this moment, those investors who opted for outright payment have not been paid talk less of the investors who continued the trading. We got the final shocker when the leaders returned from the Management meeting of OmegaPro held on September 2023, in Duba with very bad news.

That OmegaPro Company cannot account for the investment in their possession anymore. There are reports of mismanagement, embezzlement, and stealing of funds. Strange and unethical transfers were made from the Company’s account without due process being followed. It was obvious at this point that we had fallen into the hands of scammers because the three key management staff of OmegaPro Company who are developers of this program failed to turn up for that crucial meeting in September 2023. They feared they will be arrested.

I committed all my life savings and gratuity to the investment. I hoped I could use the turnover in July 2023 to establish other businesses to diversify and reduce future risk in my investment. Here I am today, with no money to even feed my family well. We hardly eat two square meals a day since January 2023 till date.

I am heavily indebted to the tune of $5000 or more while trying to meet up my responsibility at home. It is still a mirage how I am going to make a refund to my creditors. As I speak, my children in high school are still at home. As a retiree, it is extremely difficult for me to keep the house going. I have suffered so much humiliation and embarrassment while begging for survival. This is how badly it has degenerated.

When I attended the first  Zoom meeting organized by Mr Lars Olofsson, I was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that he was the right man for the job. His approach to getting justice is pragmatic and down-to-earth in terms of nailing the criminals and their facilitators. This is exactly what we need to get victory in the end.

Goodman, [2024-01-05 18:09]

The registration of victims/clients, creation of several platforms to reach out to clients, newsletters, sharing of correspondence with clients, and, regular and timely updates are second to none. Perfect administration for the execution of the job!

My recommendations:

– close all loopholes that may cause fatal damages to the proceedings.

– the need to be security-conscious and proactive in all situations. We need you and your team alive to celebrate the imminent victory.

– reaching out to more victims, especially the leaders, who have more information about OmegaPro. Sir, kindly continue to reach out to the victims.

– remember when you fight corruption at a level, it will fight back. Be prepared for the surprises!

– every relevant authority to help seal up all ends should be consulted and fully engaged.

– the media coverage and investigative reportage is a key factor to build solid facts and evidence against these criminals. It should be sustained at all cost!

– the scam is a cartel thing and should be approached from that perspective. They are dangerous and deadly!

– The government should know what is going on so that the conversation to make laws that will put an end to this nonsense will start in earnest.

– I wish you could create an international awareness about this scam syndicate case so that the investors and facilitators in the social space around the world would be properly guided.

Mr. Lars, you are my last hope to get justice on this daylight robbery. My situation now is really,  really terrible, Sir. I can hardly feed. PLEASE HELP ME!

Finally, I thank Mr Lars Olofsson and his fantastic team for the great job. It is my honest belief that with the level of achievements and progress you have recorded to date, you will surely get sound justice in the end.

Keep the fire burning until these criminals are consumed!

May God continue to protect you and your team, and give you the strength and wisdom to pursue the case to a logical conclusion.

Thank you and God bless.

Anthony I. Abonyi.

Testimonial Aline and Xavier de PRET Profondeville, Belgium

We are a retired couple, aged 66 and 63 respectively.

We have invested a lot of money in OmegaPro, i.e. over 300,000 EUR, in several instalments (2021 and 2022). It all started when our kitchen salesman told us that we could easily pay back the purchase price of this kitchen in a very safe and reliable way. His tactic was to lure us in without saying too much… which of course piqued our curiosity. He’s an excellent salesman, a good communicator who inspires confidence.

He promised us profits ”X 3 in 14 months”, in a secure system called OmegaPro, which worked with Forex. He showed us numbers and revealed that he had already hit ”his X 3”. He insidiously interfered in our lives, flattering us, inviting us to restaurants and his home, and proving the company’s validity. Knowing we had money to spare, he insisted we join the scheme, which, as we would later discover, was a Ponzi scheme.

We were initially very dubious about this investment method, and read many comments on the net, some complimentary, others denouncing it as a scam. No doubt attracted by our sponsor’s unshakeable confidence in the system, but also by the lure of an easy gain, we finally entered OMP in 2021 and a second time in 2022. It was our ”godfather” who built our organization chart underneath him, and even resold one of his accounts, so that he could earn a maximum of direct commissions. For a year, we watched our savings flourish and congratulated ourselves.

Even so, we sometimes checked Facebook and other social networks to see what was being said about OMP. When I told our godfather what I was reading that was negative, he would reply, ”You shouldn’t read what’s being said, it’s haters. I have complete confidence in Anthony Valentino, he entrusts everything to me, and if anything negative happens, I’ll be the first to know. Trust me, everything will be fine.

I don’t think our godfather realized – at the time – that he himself was being cheated.

Our mistake was to trust him. When OMP went out of business, supposedly for ”maintenance due to hackers trying to attack OMP”, we were again told (our sponsor and Anthony) to keep our faith, that everything would be fine, and that we’d get our money back. We waited 6 months to finally be told, by the bosses who had already taken refuge in Panama, that there would be no refunds. Without further ado.

We’re left with a dry loss of over 300,000 euros (the amount of my husband’s pension insurance) and the feeling of having been suckers. And yet, we’re both educated, university-educated people… We never thought we’d be taken for a ride.

Come to think of it, we’ve been brainwashed by a kind of financial cult. And yet, we knew there were ponzis, but we wanted to believe that this company actually earned daily interest from Forex. The many zooms and discussions on Telegram put us to sleep…

Fortunately, in our misfortune, we can be glad that we never sponsored anyone, because somewhere in the back of our minds, there was a little warning signal telling us to be wary, and not to let other people run this risk. We took the risk ON OUR OWN, and we’re glad we did, even if our sponsor was nagging us ”to network”.

Add to our distress the total desertion of our upline (we depended on the French branch, with the duo Anthony Valentino and Fabien) when OMP crashed. Gone, the Commies, having taken good care to make the money disappear. As for our ”godfather”, his only fear was our reaction, us being one of his big customers. He had dragged us into other scams too, which also cost us money.

After a few months of very cold relations, I told him how I thought, and above all that he was continuing to swindle other people. In fact, our so-called ”friend” no longer deigns to speak to us or reply by whatsapp, being too busy, it seems, to get new customers on board with new scams. He knows they’re scams, but because he’s at the top of the pyramid, he still manages to get away with it. He gets out in time and does it again and again.

As he says, ”once you’ve had a taste of easy money, you just can’t stop”.

More victims to come, no doubt.

Aline and Xavier de PRET

Profondeville, Belgium

Testimonial Calzavara Grégory

I saw some videos of Jeff Raynal on YouTube, about omegapro…. I was very skeptical but he was convincing, he made videos with testimonials from expert traders, with pseudo analysts…etc…. He also showed himself with the founders of omegapro…. In short, he convinced me and I do c invested on January 11, 2022, 21000€.

The money invested is the money I received after being made redundant. Being made redundant at the age of 50 is complicated. It’s all the more complicated because my wife is on disability and has serious health problems. In September 2023, like many others, I learned about the scam.

That’s all there is to it. Thank you very much for all the work you do.

Yours sincerely

Calzavara Grégory